intent products are organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and fair trade reusable bags. help reduce the use of single-use plastics by utilizing our bags when heading to the grocery store or local farmers market. simple actions such as using reusable bags make such a positive impact on our oceans, wildlife, and environment.

intent’s mission is to facilitate the elimination of single use plastic in the most ethical way. we are based in san diego, california and all of our products are 100% certified Global Organic Textile Standard. our supplier is a member of Fair Trade USA, Fair Trade America, Organic Trade Association of America, GOTS, Textile Exchange and Fair Trade LA. they also support improving the lives of factory workers and farmers by guaranteeing fair wages, safe working conditions, healthcare and other tools workers need to thrive.

to us, living with intention means to live mindfully and consciously. implementing more sustainable practices will bring more awareness into your life and impact on the environment. thank you for supporting us and our mission of living in a more sustainable world.