current creators

elly vogt (intent products) and her friend, antonia freska, co-founded current creators in 2022.

current creators are intentional community markets in san diego that highlights local creatives and small business owners. 20% of all vendor sales at each market are donated to a local non-profit making who is making a great impact on the community. in the past, we have donated to Un Mar De Colores and Encinitas for Equality. below is more information below on past and current markets. feel free to follow our instagram  (@currentcreators) for updates!

upcoming market: holiday current creators market

date: december 9th from 9:00am to 12:00pm PST

location: surf lounge in north pb

music: wes chiller  and mark shiiba music

local vendors: will be announced soon! check our instagram for updates



past events:


2023 current creators market highlight reel

2022 current creators market event and highlight reel

graphics by @alexaartandfilm



interested in being a vendor or host for our next market? feel free to send us a DM on instagram (@currentcreators) or email (