the creation of intent

(from a recent article in encinitas living magazine with our founder, elly vogt)

there are many experiences in my past that lead to me starting intent products. i am originally from the midwest (minneapolis and chicago) where recycling and sustainability are not widely discussed. it was not until i moved to australia after undergrad, that i saw people bringing reusable bags to the grocery store. i took these sustainable habits with me when moving to san diego but realized i would still end up using plastic for my produce and bulk section items.

this really defeated the point of bringing a reusable bag so i shopped around but the reusable produce bags i found were not organic, fair trade, or good quality. since i couldn’t find any bags that i liked, i started researching fair trade manufacturers and then started building intent once i saw i could make it happen. as a minimalist, i appreciate the simplicity and wanted to bring that feel to intent so the branding is very neutral.

everything i do with intent is with sustainability and ethics at the forefront. the bags are fair trade, organic cotton, and shipped using recycled material. i created this brand out of a passion for community, sustainability, and the importance of living life with intention. your intention is key and if your intention is right then the outcome will always give you the lesson you needed to grow and learn from.

as for a bit more about me, i currently reside in encinitas and enjoy farmers’ markets, long walks, yoga/pilates, writing/poetry, the outdoors, being with friends, and international travel (just earned a master’s degree in international education management). thanks for taking interest in intent products, my journey, and living a more sustainable life!

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