top 7 FAQs about sustainable business practices

top 7 FAQs about sustainable business practices

At some point in the business planning process, you need to identify what your company’s core values will be. Research from one survey cited by Business News Daily indicates that 66% of consumers take sustainability into account when they’re shopping. You can attract this demographic and establish your company’s principles by investing in sustainable business practices. Check out these seven FAQs from Intent Products to learn how to make your operations eco-friendly.

1. How Can I Reduce Paper Waste?

Paper waste can quickly worsen your carbon footprint, but luckily, it’s easy to reduce. One of the best ways to do so is to implement electronic invoicing. Simply customize a template to create a professional document and add the logo and text you want. Reducing paper waste is effective when you digitize paper records and other documents. And when digitizing paper records, instead of using files that may be large and clunky, use a PDF compressor when you want to shrink the file size. Doing so helps you to work with documents much more efficiently, and storing them is also less cumbersome. 

2. When Should I Start My Business?

You shouldn’t start a business if you are not financially ready to do so, but there will come a time when you need to take a leap of faith. Starting your private limited company may be the best option because it will minimize your tax liability. It also requires less paperwork than other companies, which will allow you to further minimize paper waste. You can avoid costly lawyer fees by using a formation service. Check the current laws to ensure that you are in compliance with all regulations.

3. Will Sustainability Hurt My Profits?

Some business owners look at the cost of sustainable products and worry that the expense will minimize profits. You will likely need to spend a little more on products that are eco-friendly, but this could ultimately improve your profits — not harm them.

4. How Do I Market a Sustainable Business?

Transitioning to a sustainable business model can bring many benefits to the environment and to your business’s community, too. Marketing these benefits is a great way to connect with customers and demonstrate the good that your business is doing. You can start by spreading the word on social media and in local publications.


You can use solutions related to customer data platforms that will gather information about your customers’ digital footprint in real time. The platform’s robust backend collects data from multiple channels to create a virtual profile that will help you to market more effectively to each client, so none of your marketing dollars goes to waste. 

5. Where Do I Source Sustainable Supplies?

Where your supplies come from is a major component of your business’s sustainability. You want to buy from suppliers that maintain the same eco-friendly principles you do. BBC notes that shopping locally is an effective strategy for achieving this because it minimizes the negative environmental impact incurred by transporting goods long distances.

6. What Impact Will Sustainability Have?

Adopting business practices that prioritize sustainability will yield several results. In addition to the potential boost in profits, it will minimize your business’s harmful impact on the environment and help cultivate a loyal clientele. Some of the specific effects it may have include a reduced carbon footprint and lower energy expenses.

7. How Can I Budget for Sustainability?

In order to ensure that you have the resources to implement sustainable business practices, you should incorporate some of the costs into your budget. Be sure to include additional expenses that may emerge from investing in eco-friendly products so that you aren’t forced to cut corners if finances get tight.

You Can Start a Sustainable Business

Starting a business is an exciting endeavor, and you can leverage your business for good by using sustainable business practices. Tools such as electronic invoicing and PDF compression make it easier than ever to minimize waste, reduce carbon emissions, and market your business effectively. Discover how profitable entrepreneurship can be with your eco-friendly company.


Intent Products is committed to creating more sustainable products that reduce – or eventually eliminate – single use plastic bags. Visit us online to see our full product line and learn more about our mission. 

Article written by Tina Martin at Idea Inspired 

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