sustainability tips for beginners

sustainability tips for beginners

since our culture revolves around consumption and convenience, it can be a bit overwhelming to implement more sustainable practices into our daily lives. we understand and here to support your journey towards a more sustainable life.

below are a few simple tips to implement into your lives that will greatly reduce your overall plastic consumption and support a more sustainable lifestyle:

1. reusable water bottle

one of the easiest first steps is getting a reusable water bottle. there are now plenty of trendy water bottles in the market which makes it easy to pick one you like and will carry around with you. bottles such as Swell and Hydroflask have become popular and has influenced a lot of people to make the switch. by carrying around a reusable water bottle you are not only saving money from buying plastic water bottles but also limit your use of single use plastic. we recommend to get a couple (one for your car, work and home) since it can be easy to forget to bring around.

its also beneficial to have a reusable bottle for warm drinks such as coffee and tea. almost all coffee shops will happily fill up your own cup and many shops now have incentives for you to bring your own mug anyways. having a reusable cup also keeps your drinks warmer for longer since it’s better insulated than the paper ones.

2. reusable grocery bags

the next lifestyle change which is easy to implement is a reusable grocery bag. we waste so many plastic bags when shopping. many states such as california are banning plastic bags and stores are starting to charge to use their bags so it’s a good time to make the switch. reusable bags are also more sturdy and can carry more weight so you can fit more of your items in your bag with less of a worry of it breaking. we recommend to get a few bags (to leave in your car, at work, in your personal bag and at home) since it can be easy to forget to bring with you. Find a reusable bag that you like so it will be something you will want to carry around with you.

3. reusable food containers

using reusable food containers will greatly reduce your plastic intake. simple changes such as bringing your own lunch to work instead of getting take-out will be a great step toward eliminating single-use plastic. carrying around reusable utensils, straws, and coffee mugs is also very helpful in eliminating the use of plastic when going out to eat or grabbing a drink at your local coffee shop.

4. bulk and produce bags

in conjunction with bringing a reusable grocery bag, bringing bulk and produce bags to the grocery store or farmers’ market is a great way to be more sustainable. bulk bags are nice for buying things in bulk such as rice, beans, oats, etc., and produce bags are great when buying your fruits and vegetables. it is also a good idea to buy some mason and glass containers to put your bulk items into at home. these will keep your bulk items fresh, organized and also makes your panty aesthetically pleasing.

once you start implementing some of these sustainable practices into your life you will notice how much plastic consumption you once had without even realizing it. we know that it’s overwhelming to try to cut every single-use plastic out of your life but every step, even if its little makes such a positive impact on our planet.


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