fair trade for the win

fair trade for the win

what is fair trade? fair trade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, shoppers, advocates, and organizations putting people and the planet first.

fair trade is so important for many reasons but below are just some of the many reasons why we only work with fair trade manufactures. each of these are implemented in the factories we work with and we are very proud to be a supporter of these practices:

1. no child or forced labor is involved

2. legal wages are paid

3. safe working conditions

our fair trade partner factory in west bengal


4. the supply chain is transparent

5. workers are paid an additional fair trade premium to invest back into their communities or to use however they would like

6. environmental suitability is upheld

by supporting intent products, you are supporting fair trade practices. thank you for being a key part of ethical labor and business practices.


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